Registered Charity in England: 1202354

Amber’s Army is a Norfolk based family charity, aiming to ‘Create Rainbows in the Darkest of Days’ for Norfolk families who have a child with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

The charity was established in 2023 by the parents of Amber Sheehy, Jon & Amanda, in their daughter’s memory. Amber was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2019, she fought like a true warrior but sadly lost her cancer battle in 2023 aged 8.

The board of trustees is comprised of friends of Amber’s parents who all played a significant part in supporting the whole Sheehy family during Amber’s cancer journey.

What we do…

We are committed to creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime for the WHOLE family not just the poorly child. We are also there to provide emotional support. When Amber was given a terminal diagnosis, we made a bucket list of seemingly ‘impossible’ experiences and were able to make the impossible happen. We are not a ‘wish’ charity and know that beautiful memories are often the smallest days out, precious family time, experiences money can’t buy and, most important of all, each memory we help create is filled with love, laughter and smiles.

How we do it…

Families are either referred to us by Norfolk Hospitals or Hospices or can self-refer. We are on social media and have physical media placed in selected relevant locations. We then begin to work with the family and build a relationship with the WHOLE family to ensure that no family member is excluded. Amber’s Army will then begin to plan what the family needs and wants in relation to making memories and amazing experiences, but also assist in signposting the family to other means of emotional and financial support during this period. Amber’s Army is only able to do this through support, fundraising and donations, along with assistance with resources to enable the charity to function.